Mixology for Men

  • $ 19.00

Give your guy a gift you know they will love. These mens fragrances are made with essential oils so they will stick with them all day instead of only smelling good the first 5 minutes after they put it on. These mens fragrances are all different and unique just like your guy. 

These scents have also been made to mix with each other to create your own unique scents. 30ML size Roller Ball Glass Bottle.

Timeless and Torid-A great mix of mint leaf and needle sap with a taste of lavender, cool cyprus, and iris and a hint of vetiver, amber, oakmosa, and musk.

Modern and Masculine-This scent is that timeless strong manly smell. This scent is full of great deep scents of peppermint, lavender, midnight orchid, sandalwood, muguet and sage and then some deep scent of raw cedar, tonka, moss, and black amber. This scent is our #1 seller. 

Seductive and Sophisticated-This is a light scent and a little sweet. It's a manly mix of clove, fresh timber, black salt, patchouli, rose, and tobacco leaf with the deeper scents of grey amber, vanilla, musk, and oud. 

Ardent and Addictive-This is more a simple scent. This mixture is of citrus, basil, cedarwood, melon and fresh balsam with the deeper scent of amber, ebony wood, and sea moss. 

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