Sparkle and Sass Boutique

Hello All,

Thank you for stopping by my store. We sell baby, girl, and women's high fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories!! All at affordable prices with fashion always in mind!! 

The store started out solely little girls items. I used to make it all myself and do craft shows. I was inspired by my own 3 little girls. Always wanting them to be cute and girly. Like they should be right? Without success finding it at stores I decided I'd make and sell my own adorable girls items. I did that for about 7 years and then opened up a pop up store. Customers visited and wanted more!! I said ok. So I brought in women's items and shoes and accessories etc. 

That lead to me wanting a full time beautiful store. So I hunted for a building and talked my wonderful husband into buying it and us renovating the building to what I envisioned. Four long months of hard work later, I had the store of my dreams. I'm very proud of where it has lead me and my goals for it just keep getting bigger. It is a dream of mine to expand and have my 3 girls help and hopefully take over someday.

The next step is this website so I can help you dress your little girls to there hearts content and all you ladies to look and feel your best every day!! 

Never stop Dreaming!! Some Dreams take longer and get delayed by life but it doesn't mean you stop trying!!